Unveiling the Masters of Marvels – An Introduction to the JAND Group and JAND Events

November 24, 2023

The Pioneers in Event Planning: JAND Events’ Story

In the bustling world of event planning, JAND Events – a proud division of JAND Group Co., Limited – emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence. As we gear up for the Thailand International Boat Show – A Luxury Lifestyle Event 2024, let’s uncover the essence behind JAND Events’ remarkable journey and their dedication to transforming visions into awe-inspiring realities, under the wider umbrella of the JAND Group brand.


Introducing David Hayes: The Architect of Dreams

At the helm of the JAND Group is David Hayes, a visionary with over three decades of mastery in the realm of event planning. David’s ethos, blending meticulous planning with creative flair, serves as the cornerstone of JAND Group’s philosophy, and a testament to the innovative spirit of JAND Group Co., Limited.


A Mosaic of Memorable Events

JAND Events’ portfolio, showcasing the diverse capabilities of JAND Group, is a tapestry of diversity and excellence:

  • Thailand International Boat Show, a luxury lifestyle event: A symphony of elegance and luxury, this event is a rendezvous for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. David recalls a moment from last year’s show, where the team from the Junkyard Theater walked a human-powered elephant through the show, bringing a Thai flavor to the event.
  • Thailand Health, Fitness & Wellness Expo: In the heart of Bangkok, this event goes beyond the ordinary, offering a transformative journey towards wellness, complemented by expert-led workshops and interactive sessions.
  • MC 100 Years Anniversary: Celebrating a century of legacy, JAND Events crafted an experience that wove together history, innovation, and festivity, turning a corporate milestone into a vibrant celebration.
  • Danfoss Drives API Partner Conference 2023: Tailored for the tech-savvy, this conference exemplified JAND’s prowess in integrating cutting-edge technology with meaningful content, fostering an environment of learning and connection.
  • TR APAC EXPERT SEMINAR 2023 | Makeup Forever: Stepping into the beauty realm, this seminar spotlighted JAND’s versatility, merging artistic expression with industry insights, creating an enriching experience for beauty professionals.


Charting the Course Ahead

As we anticipate the Thailand International Boat Show – A Luxury Lifestyle Event 2024, JAND Events, as an integral part of JAND Group Co., Limited, is already weaving a tapestry of new ideas and innovations. David and his team are not just event organizers; they are dream weavers committed to creating unforgettable experiences.


A Journey into Maritime Splendor

The Thailand International Boat Show – A Luxury Lifestyle Event, is more than an event, it is a celebration of luxury, craftsmanship, and the spirit of the sea, brought to life by a team whose passion is matched only by their expertise. From breathtaking yacht displays to bespoke events, each aspect is curated with an eye for detail and a heart for creating lasting memories.


Whether a seasoned yacht enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the event promises to be a mesmerizing journey, crafted by JAND Events – a division of JAND Group Co., Limited – where dreams set sail and every moment is a masterpiece.

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